This image was lost some time after publication, but you can still view it here.

It must be Transformers Friday round these parts, what with the pics we received today that may or may not be earlier Constructicons ready to form Devastator and now these two pics received from our enterprising friend Hue out in LA. But what could it be? That's definitely an Autobot insignia...hmm. Ahh, we've got it now. Take a good look at the rear-end of a certain used-to-be red Nissan van by the name of Ironhide. Full text of the e-mail from Hue and a second shot after the jump. Also remember to keep up with all of our Transformers coverage through our mini-site and the corresponding RSS feed.

This image was lost some time after publication, but you can still view it here.

Very high probability that this is Ironhide in the transformers film. Sadly no shots of the front, but i did get a good look at it. It appeared to be a heavily modified Sierra 3500 GMC. The front was more altered than the back. Vents on each side of a very angular hood and large, square headlamps made up the front of the vehicle. The rear has large fender and smoke stacks. After researching the transformers movie site, this could be ironhide. He use to be a red, nissan van back in the day. Still pretty cool. The autobot logo only appeared on the tailgate and was embossed into the metal.

I shot this on Le Brea and Wilshire Blvd in LA

Our fanboy nipples are hardened from excitement — and it's all your fault, Hue.

Update: It turns out that it's not a GMC Sierra — it's a GMC Top Kick C4500 4WD Crew Cab and we've got more details on the customizations made to make the hauler Ironhide here.

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