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It’s fair to say that the bro-ness of this highway traveller casually telling a fellow road-user that “shit is on fire, dude,” deserves our attention.


Our polite and helpful video recorder further noted “You’re on fire, bro,” as the car took the first available exit.


The LiveLeak poster who put this video up claims that this occurred on Highway 85 in Georgia when the Altima driver’s transmission “took a shit” and sprayed parts and fluid onto the road behind it as well as the car’s hot catalytic converter. That would explain the flames:

The driver was in front of me, in the fast lane, when suddenly the transmission took a shit. Blasting pieces of the carnage all over my rental car and the freeway. Immediately the transmission fluid hit the catalytic converter and ignited.

It looks like the driver got off the highway about as quickly as possible, which is good.

Raphael Orlove is features editor for Jalopnik.

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