Used cars can always be fun because you never know what went on in the car before it ended up on your driveway. Most of the time it was nothing. Nothing. But then there are the other times.

Last week, I asked you guys for the sketchiest car you ever bought. Maybe it always made a funny noise when it ran. Maybe it acted differently every time there was a full moon.

Let’s see what you bought (or sold). Also, all these stories made me realize that car buying and selling is way more Wild West than I previously thought it was.

Ghia (Lobster Lobster Lobster)

Checks and balances.

Decomposition (Polydora)

When will it be enough?

Young & Dumb (MattRFrankenBenz)

I like your shoes.

Datsun (Quattro-luvr, Now with extra Datsun(s))

She cleans up nice.

Blanket Car (alexbtango15)

Not hiding anything, no.

Ominous Stain (J45ON)

Blood or nah?

Knock Knock, Who’s There? (wickedChacoTans)

The cops. They want to know about your car.

Oil (AudiOwnershipIsExpensive)

Oil everywhere.

Lawyer Fees (Devon A.)

Lack of evidence!

Good Luck (JamesRL)

A car that played dead! How novel!

Sight Unseen (Owlbrecht)

Meet you at the drop off.

Night Car (Jonee)

It doesn’t like sunlight. You have to understand.

Fire (10 cc’s of Nitrous - STAT!)

What to do now...

Fear (brawndolicious)

And respect.

Seller (eovnu87435ds)

You were 18 and lazy.

Curse (Rob E)

The only explanation.

Dude. (Eric Leonard)