Your Guide To Living With A Car You Absolutely Despise

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CountersteerYour true stories of good and bad things that happen in cars.

Sure, having a car can be better than walking or taking your city’s woefully inept public transit system. But that doesn’t feel like the case when you own a car that inspires nothing but hatred and animosity.

Last week, I asked you guys how to cope with having a car that you hate. You looked within yourselves and told me how best to achieve salvation.


Let’s examine the advice. Your mileage may vary!

Time To Shine (CobraJoe)

You’re a glass-half-full kind of person, aren’t you?

Silver Lining (keyboard racer)

Make the most of a situation.


Gainz (nondrivingdriver)

Ignorance helps, too!


Wreck (Fuel_of_Satan)



Finish Line (needsblinkerfluid)

It’s all about keeping the finish line in sight.


A Story From A Buddy (SlowFRS)

Hey, minimal injuries!


Work Van (Kemick)

Coping with the work van.


No Wash (Busslayer)

This is tough love.


Make A List (ssonsk)

And start with the small things.


Keep Up (Mike)

Keep it at bad and not terrible.


Name It (4wsprelude)

Scream it for all to hear.


TRON CAR! (afterthawt)

But... but it glows...


#VanLyfe (Married_and_drives_a_van)

Username checks out.


Perspective (LeBaronJames)

That’s all you need sometimes.


Focus (McLarry)

Eye on the prize.

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I feel for these guys, I just ditched my laughingstock ‘08 Avenger SXT(!) for a ‘16 WRX limited. I laugh more, sleep better at night, wake up excited to drive to work - It’s great. I get phenominal highway economy and a piece of soul from every dad behind the wheel of an Oddessy when I pick up the kid from school as a bonus.

When I was trying to pawn off the Avenger I let it out on test drives without any sort of verification, someone stealing it would make my life so much easier.