Your Supremely Serene Hawaiian Land Rover Wallpaper is Here

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It’s July. It’s hot and humid. The last beer was left half-drank and warm on the table in the yard. What you need is some real refreshment. The kind that can only come from an Oahu beachside breeze through the open vents at the base of the bonnet on your 1988 Land Rover 110. But you don’t own a 1988 110, so you’ll have to settle for gorgeous shot Patrick Parsons sent to us of his truck on the Leeward Coast of Oahu.

In his email to us, Patrick did note the absurdity of the car being “only” labeled a “110,” as the “Defender” name hadn’t been introduced yet in 1988. And he did astutely observe that the “Defender” name adds an easy $30,000 to the price.

But I think Patrick’s doing just fine as it is.

Like it and want a nice big version of the photo? Click here and download it so you can look at it behind all those stacked files on your desktop.


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