Photo: Derick Yan
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Big, lumbering, slow, and much taller than it is wide, the Mitsubishi Delica is the model for all vans to aspire toward. This particularly rad Delica has a huge and awesome roof rack and more forward facing auxiliary lights than your local Mexican restaurant has variations of tortilla with cheese, meat, and vegetables. With a proper two-tone paint job and a wheel/tire package that lends some serious off-road credibility, this Delica makes way more sense than some boring crossover!


This photo was provided by Derick Yan, and we thank him for it. Is it nice enough to be your wallpaper this week? You decide!

You can see more of Derick’s work on Instagram and Facebook.

And thankfully there are two shots of this totally rad van that you can choose to use for your i-telephone.


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