It's pretty hard to argue against a classic air-cooled Porsche 911. Its distinctive good looks, fascinating history, Germanic toughness and performance make it a great buy, no matter what year it's from.

So what would be better than getting a classic 911 wallpaper at the end of your long, difficult Saturday? What would you say if I had one a wallpaper photo shot at night and had all kinds of crazy, streaky neon lights all over the car? You'd be like, heck yeah, Patrick, that's way better. Duh.


Well, here it is, and it's even more awesome than I described. I feel like this image should have been a poster on my wall as a kid. It certainly looks poster-worthy.

As always, super Jalopnik bonus points to the person who can tell me what year and model the 911 is in the photo. Put on your thinking pants, Porsche-philes!

Photo credit Click here for an absurdly huge desktop version.

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