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This big brute R34 GT-R is clearly a Kaiju recently crawled out of the large body of water behind it to terrorize a nearby city, smushing tall buildings and throwing cars. We’ll never truly know the meaning of this destruction, as it will slowly sulk back into the ocean at the end of the movie, having laid waste to some coastal metropolis. We all have bad days. Maybe it’s just having a bad day.

Anyway, oh man, it’s all purple-y and I love it!  

Using the bright sunshine to show off this GT-R’s color-shift paint is as good a reason as any to make this car the feature of your computer’s new background photo. The R34 has aged pretty well, as it still looks pretty fresh.


This photo was provided by Arlen Liverman, and we thank him for it. Is it nice enough to be your wallpaper this week? You decide!

You can see more of Arlen’s work on Instagram: @aml_photos


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