Your Ridiculously Awesome Ford Mustang GT350 Wallpaper Is Here

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Image: William Frantz

Light painting and long exposure night shots are impressive and difficult to accomplish. While there is certainly some post processing going on here, it makes for an exquisite image. Without the light painting, one would fear the Mustang shown here would simply get lost in the murky black of night. This is a well composed shot with excellent effort expended.

And further, a picture of one of Ford’s most iconic cars with one of Detroit’s most iconic locations in the background is never a wrong choice. Growing up in Michigan I crossed that bridge a few times myself for the coming of age story known as the “Windsor Run”. I won’t let on the debauchery some young Michiganders can get up to in the wildlands of Canada, but the Ambassador is the portal to achieve it.

This photo was provided by William Frantz, and we thank him for it. Is it nice enough to be your wallpaper this week? You decide!


You can see more of William’s work on his Instagram: @willsfrantz

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Holy cow! that’s my photo ! I love Mustangs, Detroit and and Jalopnik! Thank you for featuring one of my photos.