Your Ridiculously Awesome Datsun 510 Wallpaper Is Here

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You may remember those movie cars from a few weekends back. Lucky for us, artist Scott Park is both quite prolific and quite the automobile admirer. This week he brings us this Datsun 510, part of a series which includes a DeLorean, a Mustang, and a BMW 2002.


The Datsun 510 started out as a lowly economy car from a Japanese brand with a funny name when people were still buying American tanks in vast numbers. Cars like the 510 and the 240Z, though, showed most people Stateside that they didn't have to settle for what passed back then as the cream of the crop from Detroit's Malaise Era.

As time has passed the 510 has come to position itself as a great base for some aftermarket tuning. 510s look great with hot paint jobs, lowered suspensions, big wheels, and even enormous turbos. I know we already have the Jalopnik Fantasy Garage, but a Datsun 510 would go in mine.

Photo credit Scott Park. Used with permission. For a big desktop version, click here. And if you want, you can now buy prints of Scott's stuff. Go grab it here.

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Honest question - why has the Datsun 510 gained such prominence in the US? I understand it's a competent, lightweight RWD platform, but it hasn't quite got the same cult status in Japan or Europe (or here in Australia - where our preferred classic RWD compact is the KE70 Corolla, often with a 4AGE swap).

Is it because of the BRE 510 that showed America that Japanese cars weren't just econoboxes, the Bay Area tuner culture, or other things?