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911 GT3s are detail cars. Each little technical facet is fine-tuned to make a rear-engined car nail corners on the track it shouldn’t be able to conquer, and every styling change from the standard car is carefully considered to attract maximum attention in the parking spots in front of fancy restaurants and hotels. That same attitude goes for taking good pictures of them too.

The shots we have for you this week come from Michael D’Ambrosio, who used a technique called “light painting” to make the car stand out from its background. It’s a complicated process and it really pays off because damn that Porsche looks good. I could tell you more about how the process is done, but I’d rather you just read Michael’s tutorial here.


And if you’re interested in more of Michael’s photos, his Instagram account is linked here and his website is here. Oh, and if you like the shot up top but want the whole thing in full uncropped goodness, click here.

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Max Finkel is a Weekend Contributor at Jalopnik.

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