Man, are you guys a bunch of wrathful bitches.

Last week, I asked you for the most satisfying car revenge you’ve ever experienced. Did a cop intervene on some road-raging asshole at just the right moment? Or did you take matters into your own hands? Were you hero that the road deserved, but not the one it needed?

Sixteen-hundred replies later, consider my wrath fire stoked.

The Serious Karting Men Are Here (Ghoulardi)

These are the guys I’m talking about!

Rural Living (The Rheal Jim Beau)

Strike three!

Mileage (GoesLikeHell)

This one was pretty cute.

Knowing The Road (ChoochCharlie)

When you know and they don’t.

Hit-And-Run (Esvenk)

Left at the scene of the crime.

The Old Switcheroo (elRobRex)

Hey, don’t steal. It’s really easy.

Giant New Yorkah (dmara00)

Show me this giant. I wish to befriend him.

Get Wet (wikidone)

Probably pronounced it “Porsch,” too.

Careful Who You Brake-Check (SmalljawAngler)

Sometimes it can come back to bite you.

BMW: Be More Wary (ToastedTires)

Oh, hey, it’s you again.

Fifty Bucks (E-P)

Worth it?

Towed (caffeinegeek)

Meltdown ensued.

Not Your Personal Lane (Bigger Putz)

The lane of shame, more like.

Deadlift (ThatGuyFromThere)

Who says gym skills aren’t applicable elsewhere? (Nobody.)

Shopping (Recovering Saabaholic)

I would have gone to shop some more.

Spit (J-A-H)

Spit on me? I’ll douse the inside of your car.

My! Spot! (Le Monjello)

“I also took my whiskey.”

Fifty-Five Miles (MercenaryDandy)

Playing the long game.

Mom, I Need A Ride (Dr. Wheuss)

The truck’s broken or something.

Beauty Is Pain (endusone)

But for God’s sake, don’t put on makeup in the car!