What's The Most Satisfying Car Revenge You've Ever Experienced?

Photo Credit: QQ
Photo Credit: QQ

As drivers, we see a decent amount of screwups, mistakes and injustices being committed by our fellow motorists. Most of these people get away with it. Other times, things get more satisfying.


This one time, I was driving along, obeying the speed limit on a suburban road, when a Dodge Charger came flying past me in the adjacent lane. There was an intersection coming up and it was clear he was trying to beat the light.

I slowed down like a good citizen and because he mistimed things, the red light camera snapped a picture of his stupid car as he blew past. I waited until the light turned green and kept going. Guess who I found dutifully stopped at the next light? Way to not save any time at all and get your license plate taken down.

What’s the most satisfying car revenge you’ve experienced? I’m not above the petty shit, either. Tailgaters, bad parkers, speeders, thieves and people cutting you off—I want to hear about all of it.

Help me stoke my wrath fire.

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My personal favorite with tailgaters is pressing the brake just slightly. Just so the brake lights come on but not really slowing you down. After a few seconds of brake lights, long enough for them to relax into it and still tailgate, a quick tap so they see your rear end lift. Not a full stop, just a firm but short tap. For a good laugh keep an eye in your mirror. The face of panic is priceless.

Don’t do this in a car you find irreplaceable. I’ve caused (Minor) crashes like that. One rear ended me (Just a bent trailer hitch for me, I hated that thing anyway), another getting rear ended by the car behind which was also tailgating, and several avoidance swerves. They don’t tailgate any more after this maneuver.

Yeah, I’m a special kind of asshole.