Your Fantastic True Stories Of The Time You Drove Your Dream Car

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CountersteerYour true stories of good and bad things that happen in cars.

There are cars that you drive because you have to and then there are cars that you aspire to. Only some of us are so lucky to have driven those cars and even fewer of us are lucky enough to have owned them.

Sometimes, the car that we dream of is different than it actually is to own. Sometimes it’s worse. And sometimes it’s better than we ever could have imagined.


Here’s how.

Give The Man His V10s (V-X)

Your dreams change with you as you grow. But usually, they include something with a V10.

It Was An Event-ador (Warlord of Crud)

Sorry not sorry. You’ll see why.


D’Awww (Subiefamilyman)

Just... wow.


Pet Snake (Nashonater)

I should really investigate this Viper from the sounds of it.


“Literally Tens of Horsepower” (Mr. Coffee Nerves)

That’s what you call too much power.


Doctors And Porsches (UberKafer)

A love affair of a lifetime.


Playing The Long Game (michaeljayallen)

If it makes you happy, go for it.


If You Jump, I Will Jump, Too (Jejen)

There’s something about those 911s.


Abarth! (NeonBlaqk)

When you’ve got the right car, you just know it.


Dream Car, Dream Girl (pauljones)

This guy gets it.


Wanna Drive It? (WalkingContridiction)

Yes. The answer is always yes.


That Naturally Aspirated 6.2-Liter V8 (Kytec)

The stuff from which legends are made.


It’s Not Just An Accord (Fatty Mcfatfat)

It just speaks to you.


When In LA (Cunning Linguist)

“Blow out the cobwebs and give it an Italian tune up.”


Not About The Numbers (RallyGuy80)

Numbers look good on paper, but it’s all about the feeling when you’re behind the wheel.


Spectacle (Goofnik)

Hey, I had the same musings in the F-Type!

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Password is Taco

A typical dream car story but I have to say it because this was an experience I will never forget and I am forever grateful for my father allowing me to do so (thanks dad, if you ever read this).

In the year that I turned 21 (about a year ago) my dad wanted to do something for my step brothers and my birthday. So we all agreed on the idea that Vegas would be the destination for celebration. **Spoiler alert: what happens in Vegas DOES NOT stay in Vegas**. We had some time to research some things that we wanted to do. Our list was composed of gun ranges, The Hoover Dam and the famous Pawn Shop shown on the History Channel plus a ton of visits to multiple hotels for gambling. As we added stuff to the list i did some of my own research and found out that you can race exotic cars at Las Vegas Motor Speedway. I of course immediatley jumped on the idea but my father was hesitant. A week before I gave the idea, a driving instructor was killed while being passenger to a person driving a Lamborghini at Disneys race track in Florida. To alter his decision to say yes, I did investigative work and found out that (for some stupid reason) the person was going the OPPOSITE way around the track. I believe Jalopnik had the article at some point. Anyway, I vouched that this place was the real deal and a million times more professional than Disney ever would be.

So on the flight from NY to Vegas, he pulled out the brochure to pick which car we wanted to drive. My step brother easily picked the GT-R but I as a person that watched a ton of Top Gear before it hit the shitter and thoroughly enjoys automobiles and things with combustion engines, I had a hard time deciding what I wanted to drive for the remainder of the plane ride.

The options: too many to say so go check out Dream Racing’s Website. However, I did realize that I would be driving around a race track and I may kill myself in a rear-wheel SLS AMG or the oh-so-inviting Ferrari 599 GTB with a 6.0 V12 engine *insert OMG sounds here*.

The next morning after jet-lagged gambling (I’m not sure how I came out on top) and watching a wonderful performance by Penn and Teller, we arrived at Las Vegas Motor Speedway. F-22 jets from the near-by Nellis Air Force base were screaming overhead (which in a way was its own impressive spectacle). We parked at our destination and immediately the cars I was thinking about choosing were parked outside. We walk inside and were immediately greeted by the gentleman who runs the establishment on a daily basis. He gave a rundown of what we would experience (as my father was still on edge about everything). He stated that we would walk to a briefing room that show a video with a breakdown of how the cars worked and the track in which we would be driving on. After that (and this was SO much fun) a professional driver would take us and a few other people who were driving out in a Toyota Sienna Mini-van around the track to get a feel for it. Let me say that this driver hit every single apex with precision in a typical soccer mom vehicle and I was laughing the entire time out of pure joy.

I Ultimately came down with the decision of driving the Ferrari 458 because of what Mr. Jeremy Clarkson once said (Multiple quotes found here): “WHAT A MACHINE!!!!”, “Wouldn’t care if this thing ate one of my legs” and “It really is, absolutely, unbelievably, mesmerizingly brilliant”. There was a bonus because that day we were able to drive the Porsche Cayman GT-S around the track as a “practice round” and i have to say with all honesty that thing was beyond track worthy. It gripped and turned perfectly for a car with the capabilities given to it.

But what was cool was while my step-brother was flying around the track in the GT-R, my instructor advised me to walk around the other exotic cars including the R8, Aventador and some other wonderful cars that I would’ve loved to burn some rubber with.

Then it was my turn. I strapped my helmet on, hit the ignition and got the green light from my instructor. I hit the gas on a partial straightaway and hit the first apex. The 458 was astounding on corners and came out of a turn like a tiger on steroids. The engine would scream and when you changed the gears with the carbon-fiber paddle shifters the engine would shift quickly and slap you on the back of the head reminding you that you were driving one of the most spectacular machines that has ever been created. The sound that this machine made could only be described as something that could you make you remember this moment for a life time (and I’m getting chills while typing this). Through what I was hearing it made me make my own screams of joy and pleasure as if the car and I were singing in harmony, and I honestly believe that was the epic portion of the track experience: that car allowed me to be one with in so many ways that I never imagined a vehicle or non-mortal being ever could. Its as if the car knew that a non-professional driver (but not a bad driver who didnt know what he was getting himself into) got in it and said “we got this, you’re gonna have the experience of a life time and I’m gonna burn some rubber around those turns while you scream for joy”. The experience was mutual between myself and the 458. This brief but mesmerizing moment made me believe that cars really can impact our lives.

When my time on the track was over my father who stood as a spectator was smiling on the side of the track. He saw the giant grin on my face and assumed I could’ve done that for days in the same car. He came over and hugged me as I said thank you for the incredible experience. My step brother came over and asked “did your instructor grab the wheel on any of the turns?”. I said not once (and the go-pro mounted in the car can be proof) and I remember saying that the 458 let me drive how I wanted to. I didn’t have to try to do anything special or pretend to be a professional driver. The $230,000 Italian masterpiece let me drive around that track as if I could nap in it at the same time. Although I was behind the wheel and controlled where it would go, the 458 was marvelously attentive in its own way making sure I didn’t mess up.

The 458 wasn’t my original dream car but if I had to own one more car in my life, I would own that one. I’d forever cherish and be grateful for it being in existence and giving me the opportunity for feeling the never-ending adrenaline, over-whelming excitement and joyous moments it produced.

What a machine.