There are cars that you drive because you have to and then there are cars that you aspire to. Only some of us are so lucky to have driven those cars and even fewer of us are lucky enough to have owned them.

Sometimes, the car that we dream of is different than it actually is to own. Sometimes it’s worse. And sometimes it’s better than we ever could have imagined.

Here’s how.

Give The Man His V10s (V-X)

Your dreams change with you as you grow. But usually, they include something with a V10.

It Was An Event-ador (Warlord of Crud)

Sorry not sorry. You’ll see why.

D’Awww (Subiefamilyman)

Just... wow.

Pet Snake (Nashonater)

I should really investigate this Viper from the sounds of it.

“Literally Tens of Horsepower” (Mr. Coffee Nerves)

That’s what you call too much power.

Doctors And Porsches (UberKafer)

A love affair of a lifetime.

Playing The Long Game (michaeljayallen)

If it makes you happy, go for it.

If You Jump, I Will Jump, Too (Jejen)

There’s something about those 911s.

Abarth! (NeonBlaqk)

When you’ve got the right car, you just know it.

Dream Car, Dream Girl (pauljones)

This guy gets it.

Wanna Drive It? (WalkingContridiction)

Yes. The answer is always yes.

That Naturally Aspirated 6.2-Liter V8 (Kytec)

The stuff from which legends are made.

It’s Not Just An Accord (Fatty Mcfatfat)

It just speaks to you.

When In LA (Cunning Linguist)

“Blow out the cobwebs and give it an Italian tune up.”

Not About The Numbers (RallyGuy80)

Numbers look good on paper, but it’s all about the feeling when you’re behind the wheel.

Spectacle (Goofnik)

Hey, I had the same musings in the F-Type!