What Happened When You Drove Your Dream Car?

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See that Jaguar F-Type R Coupe there? That was my dream car. I loved everything about it: the sound, the looks, the power and what it represented to me. The idea of it. And then I got to drive it.


Perception is such a funny thing because you can really talk yourself into liking something without really knowing anything about it. I realize now that I like the thought of an F-Type way more than I would like to own an F-Type.

I didn’t love the car. In fact, I was wracked by guilt because I didn’t fall more in love with it after driving it for a weekend. In fact, I was a little annoyed by it. Maybe we aren’t meant to meet our heroes after all.

Or maybe we are! Did you drive your dream car and have it utterly and completely live up to your expectations? Did it reaffirm everything you believed about the car? Did it give you something to believe in again?

Tell me your stories while I search for a new dream car of my own.

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