Image credit: teamtestbot

Unless you are The One True God Nicolas Cage, you have no way of telling what the future holds. This includes future car ownership. Many of you people have ended up with truly perplexing vehicles and have wonderful stories to go with them.

Last week, I asked you guys about the cars you never thought you’d end up owning. How many of us daydreamed about Ferraris when we were in grade school and then went on to become Nissan Figaro enthusiasts?

Let’s see what you wonderful people wound up with.

Volvo Guy (Wagonlife740)

Aren’t Volvos for like... the suburbs??

THIS VAN (teamtestbot)


Classic (Doncommando)

You did well.

So Practical (Manwich)

And that rear quarter window!

Happiness (eurojulien)


Wow (AnywhereInTX)

I made an audible noise of admiration when I saw your car.

Screaming Truck (ChallengerRTA)

That’s what I call character.

Caddy (TurboLizard64)

Rust battle up next. Godspeed.

Flex (Eddie Brannan)

Love this thing.

All Good Points (Viperfan1)

Wanna let me drive it?

How Did I Get Here? (Bags)

-> ->

Prius (bhtooefr)

Makes sense.

Track Daze (marshknute)

Funny what they do to your mind.

BMW (crazzysimon)

...Do they know about it yet?

Color (BigHarv)

That’s what you get!

Alfa (robvolz)

Keep that heart beating.

Cheaper To Fix Than Clean (bobcaramba)

What a novel idea.