You'll Soon Be Able To Use Apple CarPlay Without A Cord, Which Was Dumb Anyway

Get rid of this cord. Photo: AP
Get rid of this cord. Photo: AP

Despite being a refreshingly simple and useful interface compared to most in-car infotainment systems, which tend to be horrible, Apple CarPlay has long been quite annoying for one thing: you need a cord to plug it in. Now, there’s a solution. Supplier Harman has announced that it’s going to offer a CarPlay integration system that is wireless. This is good.


Through Harman’s end-to-end infotainment system, the company says a wireless connection for CarPlay will be possible using a vehicle’s Bluetooth and WiFi capabilities.

As The Verge notes, the 2017 BMW 5 Series will be the first car to offer wireless CarPlay. Harman’s system will also make its way onto more vehicles now as well, rolling them out over the next few years. They’re not the only company to try this: Alpine is set to debut a receiver that also does CarPlay over WiFi.

CarPlay has been around for three years now, and on cars equipped thusly it connects iOS devices to the infotainment screen, replacing whatever automaker-developed system is there—many of which can be infuriating and clunky—with a clean, stylish, simplified Apple iOS interface. Our testing has also found it to have pretty superior voice control through Siri compared to most standard in-car systems.

At the same time, the major downside has been the cord. While it charges your phone at the same time, which is nice, it also goes against the current trend of going increasingly cordless. It looks bad and it’s one more thing to get in your way inside your car. Now, thankfully, cords seem destined to be a thing of the past when using CarPlay.

They will not be missed.

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Am I the only who misses this style of dashboard for it’s simplicity and not needing an either an I.T. degree to use the stereo or dictated having to use a touchscreen?