You'll Soon Be Able To Buy A $1.8 Million Zenvo ST1 In America

I went to see Zenvo at the Geneva Motor Show to check on how they're doing, because when you're a pretty much unknown Danish manufacturer trying to sell cars for $1.8 million, success is not necessarily handed over on a silver platter. They've sold five cars so far. Five.

But that's not terrible actually. While the company was founded in 2004, the first production ST1 was delivered only three years ago. The 2015 cars come with same 1,100 hp twin-charged V8s as the original giving them 654 bhp per ton, but got upgraded with a very fast seven-speed dual clutch gearbox, new wheels, and revised headlamps.

Zenvo told me they have enough parts to put together three new cars the moment somebody makes a purchase, and with North American and Chinese sales staring soon, this small Danish team is as optimistic about their future as it gets.


I'll keep my fingers crossed, because the ST1 looks like a proper animal.


But is it worth the price of a Koeningsegg Regera?

Photo credit: Máté Petrány/Jalopnik

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