When one sport bike rider doesn't see a trailer in front of him in the road, the ensuing crash is unbelievably destructive. Watch the video and you won't believe he got away with just a broken arm and a broken leg.


The whole accident is caught on a GoPro mounted on a fellow rider's Ducati. A car with a trailer pulls off the road, the Ducati and another biker slow down safely, but a third rider on a Kawasaki fails to see what's up ahead and crashes into the trailer. That rider catapults through the air like a ragdoll and lands back on the road, reportedly breaking both an arm and a leg. The original uploader describes the crash.

Out for a group ride. I had never met the guy who was riding the ZX-10 before. As I was slowing down he was still going fast and said he never saw the trailer. The gopro camera is mounted to the front of my Ducati 848 Evo. He survived the crash with only a broken arm and broken leg however he was airlifted to the hospital.


If you're on a bike, it's best to act like someone or something is trying to kill you every minute you're on the road. That and you've got to wear your helmet and some body armor if you're going fast, lest you want to splatter out like roadkill.

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