You Want Weird? DAF/Jan de Rooy/Dakar Celebration Polka

Davey, we know you tried. We give you props for that. And yeah, Grace Jones eating a CX is pretty oddball. But Grace Jones would have put any old car in her mouth. And you can't argue that. However, this video is truly bizarre. Imagine if you will a NASCAR team celebrating a major win in this fashion. Having trouble? OK, now think of any sports team any where in the world performing a song and dance like this. Curling doesn't count. No, only the Dutch are insane enough to celebrate Jan de Rooy winning the 1987 Paris Dakar in his beyond amazing dual-engined DAF Turbo Twin II by filming a polka video featuring the entire race crew. Also, I believe the guy in the glasses sings, "Citroen Kaput!" In your pipe, Johnson. Start smoking.


Team de Rooy []

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