Double-Radder Than Anything You Could Possibly Imagine: The DAF Turbo Twin II!!!

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We have found the 2007 Jalopnik Bullrun vehicle (we'll run the Justy in 2008, Bumbeck). You are looking at the truck that quirky Dutch brand DAF used to win the Paris-Dakar Rally in 1987. Long story real short, this monster rig is a semi-truck filled with spare tires, navigation equipment and an 11.6-liter turbo-diesel engine for each axle! These DAF juggernauts were so potent that they overtook most cars during the race and handily won the truck class. More big rig madness after the jump.

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At one point during the 1987 contest, the Turbo Twin II had overtaken the eventual winner, the Works Peugeot 405 Turbo 16. The next year DAF launched the Turbo Twin X1, an even more insane racing truck featuring an aluminium chassis and twin engines each developing 1,200 horsepower. Sadly, while in the number one overall spot, an X1 crashed and killed the driver. Restrictions were put in place the following year.

This image was lost some time after publication.

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