You Should See What Happens When She Shifts Into Second Gear!

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This image was lost some time after publication.

Let's first off start by saying — and without the potential confusion of an acronym — this is Not Safe For Work (fine we'll use the acronym anyway...NSFW). So if you're going to click the link below, please make sure the kiddies and other impressionable people are appropriately shoo-ed away. Now that it's just us older folks...we knew something like this would come our way eventually, but we always hoped it would be someone else who would have to cover it. Although, that's not saying we mind this young lady covering this stick shift, we are saying we wish she'd lubed it up first. Because well, that just looks painful at first glance, second glance — and oh yes, yes and "Yes!", third glance. Need a smoke?

Stick Shift Fuck [Fleshbot] (NSFW)

Dial 1-800-HON-DASEX To Kick Them Nasty Thoughts [internal]

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And that's why we pay Johnny the "big bucks." Actually, that's why we pay Johnny. Period. ;)