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Turns out the Honda / Sir Mix-A-Lot connection is even closer than we ever thought, even if Fonda aint got a motor in the back of her Honda. The Japanese automaker accidentally dropped the "888" prefix for "800" on a vehicle safety telephone number published in the back of 1.2 million manuals in 2006 model year Honda and Acura vehicles and Honda motorcycles. Normally, it'd just be a dead or disconnected number...but when you dial the 800 prefixed number (1-800-327-4236), you're urged to call another 800 number (1-800-918-TALK) for ''just 99 cents per minute.'' Honda'll be sending out postcards with the right number to all affected customers. We were wondering however, with most sex lines spelling some kind of naughty word out, what the Honda manual 1-800 number might spell, if anything. Here are the mnemonics we found:


So what do we think, was it any of those? Our bet is the first one.

Honda Owner Manual Lists Talk Line [NYT]

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