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This morning on the Shanghai-Kunming Expressway, a tanker truck filled with gasoline somehow crashed into a tanker truck full of sulfuric acid. And unbelievably, nobody died.

While this story has only shown up in English without any real detail on the People’s Daily English-language twitter account, the original report from CCTV gives a fuller account of what happened.


Somehow a truck carrying 16 tons of gasoline rear-ended the truck carrying the face-melting acid.


The English-language report notes that there was an explosion, while the Chinese sources only describe smoke and an immediate response from fire and rescue. Whether that means the trucks immediately burst into flames or if the fire department immediately arrived, I do not know.

Either way, rescue crews were reportedly able to immediately free the people trapped inside the trucks, take them to the hospital, and no one was killed.


Top Photo Credit: CCTV via Weibo

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