You Have To Be Mad To Buy A Porsche 911 GT3 RS

The Porsche 911 GT3 RS is one of the most hyped cars of 2015, but I’m not buying this whole idea.

Not that I could ever afford an RS, but even if I had the cash, they were all sold out before you could get to the dealership, pushing up prices to a ridiculous level for those really keen on showing up in one of these now.

Apparently, Chris Harris wanted to buy one before realizing that he won’t be able to, and that the now similarly priced McLaren 650S will eat anybody’s GT3 RS on track on its regular street Pirellis. Not to mention what it will do to it on the road.


Now Alex Goy got some happy time in the seat, only to come to the conclusion that the car really needs the track to shine, because on the road, it just sucks.

Even road-legal track cars should be lighter, smaller and cheaper to fix than a 911 GT3 RS. And there’s plenty of those out there. If fact, buy a regular GT3, throw in a Corvette Z06 for good measure and laugh at those who pay the premium for a GT3 RS. You’ll be better off, unless you’re buying a car as an investment.

The only person who should have a GT3 RS as a daily driver is Walter Röhrl. And even he might pass it down to Randy Pobst on a rainy day.


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StndIbnz, Drives a MSRT8

Sorry I’m late, heard you wanted an amazing track car for the street sometimes?