You Hate To See Seven BMW Supras Recalled For Faulty Seat Belts

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It was only a matter of time before the Toyota Supra got hit with a recall. I’m not harping on BMW/Toyotas’ build quality or anything here, it just seems like all cars get recalled over something or other these days. This time, it’s over some seat belts.


The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration issued a safety recall report last month that concerned the 2020 Toyota Supra. But it was only for seven cars. Apparently, these unlucky seven had a driver’s seat belt guide loop mount that might not have been properly welded.

If a “crash of sufficient severity” were to happen, the mount could get damaged and might not do its job of restraining the driver. NHTSA says the affected cars will be inspected and have the defecting part replaced if it’s found.

That’s all normal stuff.

But what’s funny about this recall is that it wasn’t from Toyota, it was from BMW. Because the Supra was a joint project between the two automakers, it has many BMW and Z4 bits beneath its Japanese exterior. Enough parts, apparently, for BMW to file the recalls.

Screenshot: NHTSA

Regarding the recall, a Toyota spokesperson told Motor1, “BMW builds the Supra at its Magna Steyr, Graz Plant in Austria; therefore they do the recall filing with NHTSA.”


So, all you haters out there who constantly screech to any bored bartender who is being paid to listen that the new Supra “is just a BMW”... you win this one.

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Margin Of Error

Unrelated but I see more and more Supra’s out there, looks like it’s going to be a success, and it makes me happy.

Just yesterday while running errands on a nice Canadian autumn afternoon, I saw 3 of them.

Makes me think they must be all over the place in Miami or LA.