You Don't Need A Subaru, Mistubishi, Or Audi For 4WD Snow Drifting

Think you need to get a big sedan for snow drift shenanigans? Take a look at this 4WD Suzuki Swift and think again.


You might recognize this car as a Geo Metro, but most of the world knew it by its real name: the Suzuki Swift. You could get them in 4WD back in the day, and man do I wish they sold them in the US.

Not that anyone would have bought one (look up sales of the Subaru Justy if you want proof), but I'd gladly sign on to be a fourth owner.


(Hat tip to XJDano!)

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David E. Davis

You're right. You could also use a Honda Civic wagon, Toyota Tercel wagon or Nissan Stanza wagon.