You Can't Pay Speeding Tickets With $206 In Urine-Soaked Coins

Everyone hates paying tickets — speeding, parking or otherwise, but Michael Harold Lynch of Bellevue, Washington really hates it. Hates it so much he mailed the courthouse $206 in urine-soaked coins as payment.

Lynch was nabbed in Portland, Oregon doing 19 MPH over in a 35 MPH construction zone which brings with it a hefty $206 fine. After failing to pay the fine in a timely manner and missing his court date, an additional $65 was added as a late fee and notice was provided to Mr. Lynch. That's when a very heavy box showed up at the courthouse. Lynch had collected $206 in small change, put it in a sealed plastic bag and urinated in the bag, sealed it up, and sent it on it's way.


When courthouse workers opened Mr. Lynch's surprise, they got the "joke" right away. They also got the sheriff on the phone who called the U.S. Postal Inspector to determine if any laws had been broken. Apparently, if properly packaged to prevent leakage and odor, there are no laws against sending bodily fluids through the US Postal System and Lynch wouldn't be getting in trouble with the Feds. The Multnomah County courthouse wasn't interested in accepting payment in such an odoriferous condition though, and sent it back, COD. Payment is still outstanding. [Oregon Live]

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