You Can Park This Building-Sized Dump Truck Like It's Your Mom's Nissan

I would have thought a vehicle as large and complex as the 348,000 pound Hitachi EH4000 would have basics like parking down pat, but apparently the trucks have just become a whole lot easier to drive after borrowing some tech from Nissan.


Hitachi has just licensed Nissan's 360º camera technology (called Around View Monitor, or AVM) to be retrofitted into their massive mining trucks. The cameras supplement the six mirrors already in place to keep drivers from running over workers, small cars, or other things you wouldn't feel under 12' tires.

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The setup puts downward facing cameras all around the vehicle. The views are "stitched together" on a little screen it looks like you're looking down on the vehicle from a third-person view. I used the exact same system in the 2015 Nissan Rogue, and it certainly did make maneuvering the little SUV easy.

Seems like this kind of technology would be invaluable in a vehicle as cumbersome as a 2,500 horsepower dump truck designed to carry more than 251 tons.

"The most dangerous times [operating a mining truck] are starting, stopping, and parking," said Tomohiko Yasuda, General Manager of Hitachi's Mining & Heavy Equipment Division who looked pretty thrilled to have a better vantage point behind the wheel of his behemoth. Actually, he did more of a Grumpy Cat face but I'm sure he was smiling on the inside.



I work at a mine site using large/heavy haulers, not these ones but another Big Yellow company. Back up monitors have been going on for a long time with them. They also have technology to determine if operators are getting tired. Its a PDF file quite long…

Caterpillar has also had lane sensing tech to warn the drive how close they are to berms and if there is the potential of crossing lanes and causing an accident.

As mentioned Autonomous tech isnt far away. As a measure of reducing training costs and maintenance issues, operator errors and equipment damage.

The drivers they might hire probably dont know their ass from their elbows but when mining was at its peak a few years ago they didnt care if you spoke Zulu, they wanted truck drivers and they would have paid you.

This is why im happy to be a mechanic. Its gonna take lots of time but good luck with replacing me.