You Can Own This Revolutionary Flying Car As An R/C Toy First

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A very clever UK-based guy named Witold Mielniczek has started a Kickstarter for an RC flying car. We're at a point now with flying cars that every time I hear about a new one my eyes instinctively start rolling, but this one actually seems an original and novel idea. Let's see why.

The B (that's what it's called; I guess Kickstarter charges by the letter) is the first flying car design (at least that I'm aware of) that manages to incorporate the propellers and wheels together. They're still separate units, but very cleverly integrated. The wheels are a hubless design, closer to a circular caterpillar track than a conventional wheel. Inside the open wheel centers the propellers reside, and the two-bladed props stay parallel to the wheels while in driving mode, which keeps them protected and unobtrusive.

When in flight mode, the propellers spin, making a quad-rotor helicopter design. Just look at those videos; the transition from driving to flying looks pretty seamless. The "driving rings" are flexible and can absorb impact, which allows for less-than-professional landings.


While in flight, the prototype can stay aloft for about 11 minutes, or 18 minutes when driving, and while flying around or driving, can take video with a built-in 720p camera.

While currently a light RC toy, the basic vehicle design has lots of interesting potential, including a remote exploration vehicle, and, of course, possible full-sized versions capable of, you know, driving and flying. The Kickstarter page also suggests use as a rescue vehicle, which seems like a smart option.

So, if you've got around $500-$600 to pledge (cheaper as a kit, more fully assembled) you can have one of your own. I'll probably hold out for the full-sized one, because I think I can cause more trouble that way.