We've been playing around with a new feature the tech team built we're calling "text annotation" that's similar to the image annotation you all love so much. Now it's live on all of Jalopnik. Here's how it works.

Let's assume we've written a long diatribe about something that necessitates more than an image reply or a quick note. Let's say you take particular issue with a point we made. It's a rare event but disagreements have been known to happen on the Internet.

You could, as in the past, quote what we said. If you were a little more advanced you could always blockquote it. To get the context of the quote you'd have to look back up. Not onerous, but not as natural as if you could comment on a part of the text and it makes it clear what you're talking about.


Thus, we've created text annotation. You can see an example of image and text annotation on this press release. It's not going going to be the only kind of commenting you'll want to do, but it's a new way to interact with writers.


We're still playing around with how it works and how much is displayed, so don't expect every annotation to show up and there may be bugs. We'd love to hear your feedback on it. I've created a quick visual guide for using it above, but the tech team has a longer explanation here. Enjoy!