This is a Maserati Ghibli from the first production year they put this name on a car, 1967. Designed by Giorgetto Giugiaro at Ghia, it's shape is as close to Italian sports car traditions as it gets.

But there's only a few good names in every car manufacturer's bag, and since Maserati wanted to sell as much as they could from the updated version of their worst car ever, the Biturbo's larger replacement got the Ghibli badge as well. It looked like this:

Pretty far from the original, isn't it? Well, wait until next year, when you order your brand new Ghibli 3, Maserati's first diesel. They will certainly sell more than the 1274 of the first series.

Blasphemy or reasonable? No matter, give us some other questionable examples below!


Photo credit: Chris Bevan and Greg Gjerdingen