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You Can Now Buy Danica Patrick's Dog (In Stuffed Form)

Illustration for article titled You Can Now Buy Danica Patricks Dog (In Stuffed Form)

Do you need a stuffed companion for race weekends, but are deeply disappointed that Puffalumps have been discontinued for years? Never you fear! Now you can buy Danica Patrick's dog. Seriously. That's her dog Dallas as a cuddly stuffed pet.


Dallas Stenhouse-Patrick went for sale this weekend at Texas Motor Speedway. The big Dallas to the right of this photo is the dog that Patrick shares with boyfriend Ricky Stenhouse Jr.

I had no idea that Dallas was this famous, but he's adorable, nonetheless.

Shop dogs are great, but we realize that not everyone is home enough (or responsible enough) to properly care for a living, breathing pet. Boom. Problem solved.


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