Admittedly, all my animals are stuffed, but I've been around enough other peoples' shops to know the value of a good shop dog (or cat, or bunny, or whatever floats your goat). Shops can't be all hard work and misery. Sometimes you need some calm time scratching Fido behind the ears or a good squee.


In the rental Jetta up at the top is Brianne Corn's dog, Meadow. She's a constant source of big, slobbery calm in an environment where you'd really, really like to throw this entire stuck, rusted heap of junk across the shop.

I'm pretty sure Meadow has been more places than I have because she's just a super chill dog, and treated like a small human part of the family.

A good shop dog is calm and friendly and knows when you need extra space with that plasma cutter. Even if they're not that calm like Quesa the Blur here, being smart when in your work space is a plus. Always keep an eye on a dog around moving cars and heavier items just in case.


While a shop dog can certainly help pick up dropped chunks of burrito and other foodstuffs off the floor to help keep the space clean, knowing what not to eat is just as important, too. Toxic substances and vintage toy race team mascots, for example, are off-limits.


Keeping up with an animal in your space can definitely be worth it, though. Think of all the love and affection and squee!


Even Kenny from the Block knows the value of a trusty companion. Look at that big, floppy husky tongue. Good, good. Eeeeeexcellent. Let the squee flow through you.

So, show us: who keeps you company when you hammer on your car?

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