You Can Get Your Brand New Alfa Romeo In Some Of The Best 1970s Hues

All images: Alfa Romeo
All images: Alfa Romeo

Just because car buyers seem to think that boring grayscale shades are the only appropriate colors to paint a car doesn’t mean Alfa Romeo agrees with the trend. In fact, the new Stelvios and Giulias are outfitted in some of the best 1970s-reminiscent shades around, and I am here for it.

You heard that right, friends. If you’ve ever wanted an Alfa in Visconti Green, Junior GT Ochre, or Villa d’Este 6C Red (read: forest green, gold, and red), then 2020 is going to be your year. In fact, the marque has introduced four distinct groups of paintwork, and one of them is aptly named Old Timers—the perfect shades to take you back to shag carpeted conversation pit-style living rooms.

What are the other paint groups, you ask? Well, Alfa’s press release has the answer:

There are four categories: Competizione, with obvious references to the brand’s sporty tradition; Metal, which emphasizes the brand’s dynamic soul; Solid, for those in search of accessible value; and Old Timer, which evokes and interprets the Alfa Romeo heritage.


“Old Timer” is certainly the least appealing name for all of those groups (and... leaves a lot to be desired just generally), but I, for one, am quite stoked that Alfa is actually making a point to hearken back to the good ol’ days, no matter how unfortunate the name is.

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I know we’ve been all about the green here on Jalopnik lately, but I have to say, the ochre is by far my favorite. There’s nothing quite as classy as a nice, handsome brown-gold that doesn’t look like you’re trying to flaunt your gross wealth too obnoxiously. It’s retro, it’s fun, and most of all it looks so damn great.

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You Can Get Your Brand New Alfa Romeo In Some Of The Best 1970s Hues

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