You Can Finally Buy Rich Energy in the U.S. Through Walmart

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Rich Energy, Haas F1's mysteriously elusive energy drink sponsor, has been in the headlines for plenty of scandals lately. But the main mystique is that it’s been all-but impossible for us American race fans to get our hands on the stuff. But now, blessedly, you can finally acquire this “premium” libation at America’s favorite retailer: Walmart.


While Rich Energy does offer some cans stateside, you’re not likely to simply stumble across one on a shelf somewhere. Its website currently lists availability in Indiana, Pennsylvania, and Virginia—all but one of which are in bars or restaurants. It’s more likely that you won’t find it than that you will.

But now, lucky American race fans, you can finally buy some Rich Energy to try for yourself, distributed via Walmart.

No, you won’t be able to walk into just any Walmart and pick up a drink. It’s only available on their website through a third-party distributor called Midwest Service & Supply. A case of 24 will set you back $44.99 before tax.

That’s a decently comparable price to what Amazon UK was charging, which was previously the only website selling the drink. I’d ordered a case from Amazon to be delivered to a friend’s house in the UK back in February, but it sadly never showed up. I only managed to sample it when a mini-fridge full of the stuff mysteriously appeared at the Indy 500.

So, who’s this Midwest Service & Supply serving as Rich Energy’s distributor? Well... I’ll just let their own description from their website tell you more:

We are suppliers of wholesale overstocks, closeouts, liquidations, shelf pulls, and returns from major department stores, retailers and manufacturers.


That sounds totally normal!

I myself have placed another order through Walmart, and it tells me that it’ll be delivered on June 21. Here’s to hoping this time I actually get my case. I have a group of fellas heading to the Six Hours of Watkins Glen who are eager to try Rich Energy as a mixer, and I don’t want to disappoint.

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