You Can Buy This Acura For $1 On Craigslist And I Have So Many Questions

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There’s nothing you can’t find on Craigslist, whether it be an obscure car you’ve been dying to buy, or even just the reassurance that you’re not having as bad a day as someone else. This listing for might tick both of those boxes if you’re in the market for a 1997 Acura TL.


A poor, unfortunate soul in Pittsburgh is offering their Acura to anyone who wants to come pick it up after it, um, somehow ended up in a house. I say ‘somehow’ because the information here is pretty vague:

Ya I know looks pretty crazy. Happened a few days ago. Luckily no one got hurt. Free to whoever can tow it the soonest for scrap. Text me for more details.

How did it get there, o pitiable Pittsburgh soul? Did you leave the car running in the driveway before it took off on its own and ruined someone’s day? Did the brakes decide they had better things to do that day? Was this a new driver’s first attempt at parking a car only to forget how to tell left from right in the heat of the moment?

I can only imagine what happened to have a car and a wall end up as one unit. The post is so open to interpretation that it makes me think it’s gotta be either something incredibly dumb or wildly impressive.

No matter what the case, their loss can be your gain if you’re looking for a car to scrap or a very challenging project to complete. And maybe also a lesson in What Not To Do.

Thanks to Curtis for sending this our way!

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