All images: Copart

If you’ve always wanted a Lamborghini, but your pocketbook is about as empty as a my oil-burning Willys CJ-2A’s crankcase after 100 miles, there’s great news. Available now on insurance auction site Copart is this incredible yellow 2006 Lamborghini—or, at least, that’s how the site has this sad looking Pontiac Fiero labeled.

The Lamborghini Countach is one of the most beautiful sports cars ever, but unfortunately, it’s expensive as hell. That leaves countless fanboys/fangirls who spent much of their childhoods staring at posters of these incredible machines out of luck. But for one lucky individual, there could be salvation in the form of GM’s finest 1980s mid-engine sports car, the Pontiac Fiero.


Strangely, the auction listing doesn’t mention “Fiero” anywhere, and lists this thing as a “2006 LAMBORGHINI COUNTACH,” which is a bit bizarre, because between the rear alloy wheels and the V6 engine crammed into the middle of this beast, it’s pretty obvious that what’s hiding under all that banged-up fiberglass was built in the former Fisher Body plant in Pontiac, Michigan and nowhere near Italy.

Looking at the photos, the damage doesn’t look too terrible, though whether someone out there thinks it’s worthwhile to fix this thing up is a question to which I do not have an answer.


The interior looks like a pretty sad place to spend time, with lots of flat yellow and black panels, and what look like some pretty well-used seats. Between that cabin, what looks like a standard Pontiac V6 powertrain, and the hilarious-looking (and damaged) body panels, I could see this car being a tough sell.


But who knows, maybe someone out there who’s always wanted a Countach will win this auction (current bidding is at $225), drive to Flint, Michigan, and pick up the closest thing they may ever have to their dream car. That’d be the best home for this loony little yellow Fieroghini.