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I’ve been thinking long and hard about why modern-day supercars just don’t excite me like they used to, and I think part of the reason is that they’re pretty good at being cars most of the time. They do what they’re supposed to, and while that’s fine, it also makes them boring. Unlike the Lamborghini Countach.


Yes, most people love the Lamborghini Countach. We love the looks, the ’80s-ness of it and the angular design. But after watching our old pal Doug DeMuro’s new video, I have a newfound love for how utterly janky and laughably bad it is.

For instance, there are four side windows but only one of them opens—and only opens part-way. You can’t raise the engine compartment door while the trunk is open. The frunk, where the battery is also located, isn’t weather-proof.

You can’t see out of it, so, to back up, you have to do it with the door raised. And since it has a dog-leg gearbox, there’s a reverse-lockout in the form of a little piece of metal you physically have to slide into place to block the shifter from the reverse gate. You remembering to do that after you finish backing up is the fail-safe.

But it was fast and loud and awesome and violent and in-your-face, despite being kind of garbage. That’s why it’s the best.


Check out the rest of the video for more reasons to hoot with laughter.

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