Yo-Auto's sliding door concept wants you to free your mind

It seems we were just a few days premature with our question about the coolest car doors, thanks to Russian upstart Yo-Autos's Yo-Concept, whose doors Yo-slide out the back hatch of this plug-in hybrid. Yes, like caviar, Russian crazy has its own very special flavor.


When we last checked in with billionaire Mikhail Prokhorov's plans, the car was named the "fuc-mobile" and the demonstration vehicles wouldn't start.

Now, the concept at Frankfurt arrives as Prokhorov has broken ground on a factory near St. Petersburg, with the goal of eventually building 45,000 a year for the low, low price of less than $10,000. In addition to the sedan, there's also a Yo-Van and Yo-Crossover in the works, so you can haul yo-stuff and yo-mama.

As for the doors, they're the most impractical thing I've seen on a show car in quite some time. Yo-Auto should build at least a few working copies, just to shut up the naysayers.



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