A car's doors are among its most pedestrian attributes, and yet, sometimes carmakers take them to flamboyant extremes to add design interest and personality. (And sometimes it's even a function-over-form proposition.) What car has the most awesome doors ever?

As doors go, you can't get too much nerdier than the Koenigsegg CC's dihedral synchro-helix actuation system, designed by Christian Von Koenigsegg himself. The mechanism rotates upward and outward in a single motion, via a geared rotational pivot that operates simultaneously with a parallel arm in an outward arc, balanced by gas struts (say that five times fast). Von Koenigsegg says the design "requires minimal area around them and above the vehicle, giving complete freedom of access to the car in confined areas." You can even get knockoff versions for your Civic. Just don't call them "scissor doors," or Von K will come to your house and twin-turbocharge your dog. And also, don't flip over. (Thanks to MsCaballoVerde for the QOTD.)

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