Yes, This Is A Harley-Davidson Hearse

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You know what the worst part about dying is? Other than loss of consciousness, sensory input, contact with loved ones, any joy, pleasure or feeling whatsoever, and the yawning abyss of the greatest unknown looming ahead of you? The hearses. That's the worst part. Those stupid, boring, slow, quiet hearses. They suck. Until now.


Well, for those of you planning on dying, this is your lucky day. Brian Williams, friend of Jalopnik and spy photographer of the car stars, captured these images of an amazing trike-based Hearse, built from what appears to be a Harley Davidson Road King and an elaborate glossy, heavily-glassed corpse-trailer that looks like what the Grand Emperor of the Amish would ride in to his grave.

So, fuck that noise about going softly into that good night.

Better to go out with a big, throaty V-twin roar, surrounded by black and chrome, in your Harley-Davidson branded chaps and jacket, snug in your Harley-Davidson-branded coffin, ready to meet your god, a vision of leather and chrome pipes, who's holy oil was spilled to forgive all our sins.


Photo Credit: Brian Williams


Matt Brown

Well, it's good to know that even after you're dead, you can still be an obnoxious irritating fag.