Yes, That's A Saturn Astra On The Set Of Transformers 2

Leaked screenshots from the set of Transformers 2 continue to trickle in. With a movie that has the likes of the Camaro SS, Saab Aero-X, Hummer HX and more, it's a bit odd seeing this seemingly plain-jane Saturn Astra hatchback roaming around the set during filming. Well, as odd as can be in a movie all about the product placement.


There's no word whether this vehicle will serve as a Transformer or just an "extra," but right now our best guess tells us it's more likely an "extra." The clue are the bullet holes which tend to indicate human interaction with the vehicle rather than robotic — that would show up, we'd assume, as laser or "plasma" burns. We're thinking the special GM paint can deflect mere bullets.

[Transformers Live]

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