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Wrong-Way Vallejo Drunk Driver Crashes Into ANOTHER Drunk Driver

Illustration for article titled Wrong-Way Vallejo Drunk Driver Crashes Into ANOTHER Drunk Driver

At first, the CHP figured they were dealing with just your everyday average kind of drunk-in-Passat driving on the wrong side of I-80 the other night (when the ethanol-enhanced Passat pilot realized the law was onto him, he figured he'd be all crafty-like, shutting off his headlights and speeding up). Then, tragedy: the Passat smashed head-on into a Grand Prix... also driven by a drunk, causing serious injuries to the two drivers plus the Passat's passengers. We like to see drunks taken off the roads, but not this way.


Major injuries in I-80 crash [San Francisco Chronicle]

Lithuanian Drunk Driver Nailed for 18 Times the Legal Limit [internal]


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No no no, that's PRECISELY how drunks need to be taken off the roads. Everytime I hear some kid telling his buddies about how he had to drive home hammered, I make sure to suggest he wrap his Chevy around a tree next time, but to make sure not to take anyone with him. It's the most ignorant thing you can do in a car. I think it's absolutely ideal that somebody dumb enough to drive drunk gets hit by another drunk, as long as nobody else is involved. Maybe it'll knock a bit of fucking sense into them.