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Lithuanian Drunk Driver Nailed for 18 Times the Legal Limit

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Let us preface this post by saying we wish we were Lithuanian so we could have a wonderful Lithuanian name. Alas, the closest we ever got was going to school with Amanda Zibners, who is half-Latvian. Which is to say, we didn't get close at all. Vidmantas Sungaila was pulled over 60 miles from Vilnius for driving down the center of the road. He'd been drinking brews for breakfast and was merry as can be. He also had double the amount of alcohol in his system that's generally considered lethal, yet he laughed and smiled his way through questioning.

Says Saulius Skvernelis, director of the national police traffic control service, "This guy should have been lying dead, but he was still driving. It must be an unofficial national record."


Meanwhile, Tautvydas Zikaras, head of the dependence illness center in Kaunas, commented, "A person this intoxicated should be in an intensive care unit, not behind the wheel."

Sungaila got off with an $1,110 and the loss of his license for three years. Thankfully, everyone escaped with their lives. [Regards to Mattias for the tip.]


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