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Lately, we've noticed a bit of lingering preconceptions about hybrids and hybrid drivers. They're granola. They're elite. They're smug. This wasn't helped by GM product czar Bob Lutz, who was on the Colbert Report talking about the new Chevy Volt and mentioned, we assume half-jokingly, that the kind of women attracted to hybrid drivers don't wear makeup. Is that true? Brad Pitt, Salma Hayek and clumsy Eva Mendes all have hybrids, all wear makeup and are all people that a great many other people find attractive. Given the negative things said about hybrid drivers, would you have sex with one? Are hybrid drivers, especially the ones that aren't celebrities, doable? Do you check to see what someone drives before you hit that? Does it not matter to you? Is it a matter of principle? Would it be a matter of principle if you weren't so desperate for the caress of another human being? Should we judge possible sex partners by the propulsion of their vehicle, or by the measure of their bust? [Photos: Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images, Peter Kramer/Getty Images]


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