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Though we'd probably let her do awful, terrible things to our own personal automobiles, actress Eva Mendes seems content to isolate the damage to her cars and any cars that might be in her way. It's one of those stories that's just too embarrassing to be promotional at all. The first car was a Lexus Hybrid she had just purchased that day, and the second was the rental car she had while her Lexus was in the shop. There is also more than one moving truck involved, which makes us think that her neighbors are moving away to avoid getting run over. Her sordid tale after the jump...

"I bought a Lexus Hybrid, so I felt very environmentally responsible. When I got it, I drove it home and I was all excited but I just didn't pull in to my garage enough, so the garage door hit the back of the car as it came down.


"I don't count that as an accident, but it did leave a bump and a scratch, and I was like, `Oh, a new car. Fine.' I kinda forgot about it. So later on I was pulling out and I back up into a moving truck. This was the same day. This one was a little more damaging than the garage door. I think, 'I have to take the car in to be repaired.'

"So I'm driving down the hill and there's another moving truck. I was waiting for a while because I live in a very narrow street. I thought, `I'm going to manoeuvre my way around this.' And the left side now has been hit. I was totally embarrassed because these guys were looking at me like, `Dude, what's she doing?'

"So I took the car in and they gave me a rental car. The next day I have my rental car and I'm going down my hill and there's a monster truck heading the opposite way. And this time it was not my fault. I veered to the right, as I should have, and he did not veer to his left. He just came right at me and smashed into me. My whole front is caved in, but he was really sweet and admitted fault right away. But basically I shouldn't be on the road." []

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