Would You Go Back In Time For A Jaguar XK120?

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Jaguar's at least twice built the fastest production car in the world, would you go back to 1949 to drive this one in all its glory?


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Yes, in 1949 Jaguar took a (possibly tuned) XK120 onto a highway in Belgium and took it up to 126.5 miles an hour. A few modifications later and it his 136.6 mph. The straight-six Jag was the fastest stock car of its day, but that day was filled with postwar poverty and destitution.


Would you go back to a time when kids were still getting polio just to own this stunner?

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I actually own a xk 120, i have it as daily drive (well almost, theres also My problem child e-46 m3)at My summer home in france. If your ever in provance duktig summer, please stop by and we'll cruise The lovely roads in luberon, My treat:)