Would You Buy A Rusty Pre-War BMW In Banana Boxes?

Illustration for article titled Would You Buy A Rusty Pre-War BMW In Banana Boxes?

You walk up to a guy at a classic car market who doesn’t have a clue what sort of a rusted out BMW he’s selling in banana boxes. It’s 1989. The Berlin Wall feels weaker every day, so you make the purchase in hope of a brighter future, obviously.


You might be crazy, but Helmut Schlosser is crazier.

Not only did he buy a six-cylinder BMW without having all the pieces (or a manual) in those boxes, but he also kept going after realizing the scale of the job, which took the better part of the next decade. But it is a 303, after all, the first Bavarian with the kidney grill. It’s the kind of thing that drives normally sane men mad.


So 1,700 hours and a trip to Switzerland later, our hero finally turned that key and push the starter button.

I guess you can’t put a price on that classic inline-six feel.

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La Mia Ferrari

Pre-War? Not so much. Not when they went and made this afterwards...