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The very same Guinness-verified, "World's Fastest Production Car," official record-breaking, Veyron-besting-with-a-speed-of-256-MPH SSC Ultimate Aero is sitting on eBay right this moment. Unfortunately, there's no "Buy It Now" button.


Currently the SSC Ultimate Aero is holding steady at a $640,100 price with an additional 3 days remaining. The auctioneer, twentyfirstcenturyauctions, is estimating that the car will end up over the $1 million mark at the end of the auction. If you've got cash on hand (which, don't we all??) get your ass moving on this because it's likely you'll never get a chance like this again, at least not until the next "World's Fastest Production Car" emerges.


Included in the auction is not only the car, but the highest bidder will also receive an SSC commemorative watch, a custom record breaking key fob (Oh really...), the original wheels and tires which were removed after breaking the record to preserve their collector value and finally a framed Official Guinness World Records certificate with a commemorative photo signed by the entire Shelby SuperCars team. Sounds like quite the bargain value.

You can find the Ebay auction HERE.

(Hat Tip To Zack!) [via Ebay]

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